Team Development

  • Who – teams of executives, senior and mid-level managers and employees who are seeking a consistent and meaningful approach to working as a team
  • Goal – to build trust, develop genuine relationships, address specific challenges and increase performance across all levels of an organization

Leading Change

  • Who – Leaders who are attempting significant organizational change or need assistance in overcoming resistance to change
  • Goal – Help leaders to develop an understanding for being successful within the ever-present change occurring in organizations and teams

Three Month Individual Mentoring Program

  • Who – individuals from early career to senior manager who need a jump start on their career utilizing an independent outside perspective.
  • Goal – to improve individuals’ performance and address specific challenges and difficulties with mentoring support to enable success.

Speaking Engagements or Key Note Presentations

  • Who – Topics tailored to audience preferences.
  • Goal – to inspire others to be the best by sharing my lessons learned, mistakes and pitfalls on my rise to becoming an executive
  • Examples of topics would be:
    • Tips for dealing with change
    • Maintaining elegance under pressure for women in leadership
    • Networking and building successful relationships
  • Typically 1 hour in length

Lunch and Learn Sessions – Topics Tailored to Corporate and Team Needs

  • Who – aimed at groups or teams within companies or institutions who desire to grow as individuals within a corporate environment. This format provides simple but important mentoring to employees facing diffculties and challenges in the workplace as well as a comfortable team environment to share and learn from others.
  • 2 hours
  • Small teams – size limited to 10

Corporate Workshops

  • Who – offered for corporations desiring team growth and leadership skill development.
  • Size limited to 40
  • Offered as 1/2 day or full day with additional consultant support.

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Carol has been my mentor and role model for over 20 years. Her leadership brand of engagement, humility, and compassion have been highly effective at releasing employee potential.  Beneath her West Virginia charm is a steely drive to deliver results for her customers. Carol’s legacy can be seen in the respectful workplaces she established wherever she worked. We miss her at Savannah River.
Rick Sprague
Senior Vice President, Technical Services
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
“I thought this was an excellent use of my time. Over the course of my career I have been to numerous training events related to leadership; this was the first class centered on women and how we approach our careers and professional challenges differently than men”. “I enjoyed this workshop and appreciate the opportunity to attend. If there are future session, this would be good for women earlier in their careers. The women-only format allowed for a different focus than I’ve experienced in other career development activities.”— From attendees for a workshop focused on career development of women leaders
“I do want to tell you that, down to a person, I received excited feedback from your workshop”.— From an HR Director