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The mentorship helped me to feel less isolated in my new assignment and more encouraged to continue interacting with those that were creating a challenging work environment.  The advice provided helped me create a more positive work environment.  I was able to maintain focus on my career goals; I felt rejuvenated!”
Jennifer Darby
Work Window Manager
United Way Committee Agency Liaison
Savannah River Remediation Contractor
“I thought this was an excellent use of my time. Over the course of my career I have been to numerous training events related to leadership; this was the first class centered on women and how we approach our careers and professional challenges differently than men”. “I enjoyed this workshop and appreciate the opportunity to attend. If there are future session, this would be good for women earlier in their careers. The women-only format allowed for a different focus than I’ve experienced in other career development activities.”— From attendees for a workshop focused on career development of women leaders
“I do want to tell you that, down to a person, I received excited feedback from your workshop”.— From an HR Director